Amsterdam to Paris by FlixBus

The cheapest way to travel between countries in Europe is Bus. However because of traffic conditions bus fails on punctual timings almost all the time. The same happens in train / flight very less as there is no traffic barrier.

FlixBus is the market leader in europe and hosts bus on many routes and also for cheaper price. There were other operators too but their count is less. I see OUIBUS also hosts a few lot. There were lot negative reviews about the flixbus operation on the web., however i found it neat and professional on my trip from Amsterdam to Paris. Though the driver was not showing smiley face throughout the trip the other flixbus employees were sweet throughout the trip. A guy also noticed that i wear same color (light green) jacket as same as flixbus employee wear and asked me funny ‘Do you work for Flixbus ?’.

The most beautiful thing on this trip is that we traveled thorough most scenic villages of Netherlands, France and Belgium. The beautiful waterways, Organic lane houses, snowy climate, etc makes it a heaven.

The travel starts around 12PM in the noon (a little delay) from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. And we reached Paris Bercy bus bay at around 9:10 PM approximately. During the travel there were 2 places where they gave 15 – 30 minute break. First break in Brussel Station and the second one is in a France Village(Petrol station). There is a toilet inside the bus designed similar to the one in the aircraft. In our bus it was neat and clean.

Bus was a little empty when we depart from Amsterdam. All the seats were filled when we reach Brussels. There were no seat no allocation. It is all about how early you get in to the bus to grab your favorite seat. Only very little bags were allowed inside the bus. If your luggage is a little more in size they will force you to put it in the bottom luggage storage of the bus. There should be no luggage kept in middle of walkway inside the bus for any reason. And the overhead luggage storage is not huge enough to handle even medium sized bags.

Charging ports (Only USB) was there near every seat. Checkin was smooth. Just need to show the barcode on flixbus app along with our passport.

One more main thing is we need to have our own food before we board the bus. Else we need to wait for the stopover places where they sell snacks. Nothing was sold on the bus (atleast on the buses i traveled !!!)

I booked my tickets here:

Also their app is friendly to navigate. Travel on day time so the beauty of the villages the bus pass through will excite.