LAOS Visa On Arrival for Indians

LAOS offers visa on arrival for almost all countries in the world. The process is very simple. In Luang Prabang Airport there was a immigration officer standing near to the entrance of the immigration room gave us the visa on arrival form. Honestly they did not had time to see what we filled on the visa on arrival form. They just took the form along with one photo (In form it was mentioned 3 X 2.5 but i gave a bigger one (passport size). They accepted it). For the people who did not had photo they charge 1USD extra and asked them to move to immigration queue.

It took less than 5 minutes for them to process my on arrival visa application and i got the stamp after i pay 41USD cash on the collection counter. After that a big immigration queue. 2 flights arrived on the same time and almost the complete building was filled with people. There was no AC. They kept the doors opened for the airflow. Had to stand almost two hours to pass the immigration officer.

The officers were not updated about the current happenings in the world. Developed countries like Singapore, Australia etc sometimes don’t stamp entry or exit in the passport. It is all online records. Especially people hold US, Canada passports don’t even has to face a immigration officer when they enter or exit many countries. They just go though automated machines. The LAOS immigration officers were unaware of this it seems. They stop many US passport holders and start fighting with them why there was no exit stamp of certain countries and we stand in long queue and watching this for long time.

A girl in front of me holds a British passport had to face the same. That time i was standing very near to the immigration cabin and watching all questions that he asked and could not able to control laugh. She came on a flight arrived from Singapore. And the officer was checking for Singapore exit stamp in her passport and he did not found it seems. The girl trying to explain how the immigration happened in Singapore and the immigration officer is fighting with her that she is lying. Then he also checked her passport thoroughly and found some entry stamps without exit stamps so he was asking her how did she escape from those many countries 😀 😀 😀 lol…

Luckily i did not had that issue as for Indians they stamp almost everywhere. I remember they did not stamp me when i exit Australia but thank got it was on my old passport. So i just escaped from this people. After i clear immigration it takes almost 20 – 30 mins for me to get my taxi and that time too i saw that immigration officer was standing aside with that girl inquiring something. Definitely a bad day for that person.

In India the LAOS embassy is in Delhi only. So Visa on arrival is the best for Indians if they live far from Delhi.