The Great Wall of China – Mutianyu

Mutianyu is one of the best place to see ‘The Great Wall of China’. The wall is so beautiful when we see from long distance. But it was too rough actually. The steps were not safe and it is not so easy to walk on it. Tiny and vertical steps, slippery slopes, etc… will make our walk tough. Of course it was built for military use. So there is no wonder it is rough.

This Mutianyu village located about 1.5hrs drive distance from Beijing city center. This place got ‘Cable Car’ so we actually don’t need to climb mountain to reach the top of the wall. In few minutes the cable car gets us to the top and we can loose our energy in walking on the wall. There is a pathway for the people who wanted to climb mountain instead of taking cable car. I see very less people there as the mountain looks really rough and it is not that easy to take that path.