Day trip to Nagasaki from Hakata using JR Pass

Nagasaki – the city which lost one fourth of its population to atomic bomb in the year 1945. After this horror incident the city is well known throughout the world and being visited by many tourists every year. This article will give you some information if you are looking to take a day trip to Nagasaki from Hakata.

Nagasaki located about 150kms far from Hakata. I don’t remember exactly but the one way train journey took around 2 hours. And it is free with JR Pass 🙂 And the train journey is awesome. I saw lot of orange trees all the way… A Japanese guy sat near to me was very informative and he was telling about many things all the way until his stop comes.

In Nagasaki the tram connects the city well. From JR station itself we can start using trams. They have day pass for tram which allow us to travel for the full day in tram. It costs me 500 yen. And took tram to all corners of the city to make use of the pass on full day.

I saw a Coca Cola vending machine very near to the bomb site. Coca cola is a American brand and there were posts in Facebook that because of these atomic bombings Japanese don’t use American brands in their life. It is all fake. The further generations has learnt their lessons from the past and they know the importance of living peaceful with others.

An valuable message that i learnt for my life from this city is ‘Accept the defeat… get up big again’. The city of Nagasaki has grown a lot… green everywhere… The exact bomb site has a momentum built on top of that and around that nice a garden was made. There was a tiny river near by which was also maintained very beautiful…

Both Hiroshima & Nagasaki city today was unbelievably grown irrespective of their mass defeat in the past.