Singapore Trip

Singapore is one of the best city i have visited. Too hot like Chennai and also filled with real good people as like Chennai. Tamil is one of the official language there so felt very comfortable. Stayed in Chinatown and traveled myself to every major attractions with the help of internet readings. Stayed in a Chinese backpackers hotel and people out there were extremely good. Loved Chinese people first time and decided my next backpacking location is somewhere in Chinese province.

Visit to Marina Bay Sands observation desk in 57th floor is one of the best moment in my life. Definitely i can’t stay in the hotel 😛 as it is the WORLD’S COSTLIEST HOTEL. Just paid 20 dollars to visit the top floor.

A day at Universal Studios… i really loved the ‘Transformers Ride’. It makes me feel like running with the transformers in real. The ‘Mummy Ride’ is quite good. But rest are junk stuffs… 🙁

And a day in Sentosa Island… The dolphin Show was amazing. And the Songs of the Sea laser show takes me to top of the happiness as they have a tamil song performance in that. Then the Fish Aquarium is nice out there and can’t forget the Cable car ride to the Island. Never miss cable car ride if you are visiting Sentosa from Singapore mainland as it gives Aerial view of luxury cruises moving on the way.

Then the Mustafa Shopping center., found some cheap stuffs for my budget. Filled my backpack and spent some time in my tamil people area “Little India“. Metro connects the city very well., so visited many other locations without any trouble.

Water is very costly out there. Food also bit expensive. But guarantee for happiness 🙂

Happy Travels !