Tandem Skydive – Niagara falls

One of the best thing to do at the city of Niagara falls, Canada. The dive is also inclusive of 20 – 25 minute trip on plane above Niagara Falls and its surroundings. An beautiful bird eye view of the Canadian and American border towns.

Book ticket here: http://www.niagaraskydive.com/

They charge only deposit at the time of booking. Remaining can be paid at the day of Jump. They gave 30$ extra discount as i told them it is my birthday.

Also note this activity is being carried out in a Airport so far from Niagara falls city. No public transport is available as it located in some remote area. So be sure to arrange your own transport.

The whole activity takes 4 hours in total from the training to Jump. We have to fill and sign a waiver form and a photo will be taken by the waiver form machine by itself.

After the activity completed they give the following certificate and a gift card with discount for future jumps… They also told the photos and videos will come in 24 to 48 hours.