Yellow Fever Vaccination in Bangalore

Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required to travel certain countries of Africa & South America. Immigration procedures of certain countries stated that this certificate is must to enter the country.

In Bangalore this vaccination is done at Public Health Institute. They provide this service only on Wednesdays. Only one day in a week. If the Wednesday is a government holiday then the next working day they will provide this service.

To take this vaccination we need to call them on Monday or Tuesday and register our name. The phone number is 080-22210248. They will note down our name and tell us registration number. When i called the number it was unreachable for first 5 – 6 attempts and then it rings. The guy who picks up the phone spoke very good English. He asked me about the travel date. And then he asked me my name and told my number is 16. (They will refuse to register if your travel date is not near. When i called a month back they refused to register and asked me to call them 2 weeks prior to travel)

On the following Wednesday i visited Public Health Institute around 9:30AM. Their address is “Near atria hotel, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001″.  It located very near to Vidhana Soudha. They asked us to wait outside until 10AM. There is a parking place inside their campus and lot of place for people to sit. I do not know the exact count but i heard token number 65 called by so i can say at least 65 people came for vaccination that day. It was crowded and things worked first come first serve basis.

As soon as we entered we were checked for our confirmed travel tickets on a queue. As soon as he saw my ticket with my name on it he gave a form and asked me to fill it and make payment on payment counter. The form asked some details about us and some medical information.

Once i filled it then there was a queue on payment counter where they asked us to pay INR 400 per person. Once they took payment they gave a receipt for that and asked us to go to another queue and take the Yellow fever vaccination card. The lady in that section gave us a yellow card where she asked us to fill certain fields and stand in another waiting area till a number which was written on my card is called.

They called set of 10 people at a time and did the injection. It seems like the injection medicine comes in a pack of 10 so they open it only when there are 10 people. When my number is called they took my card along with other 9 people. Our cards were taken along with passport and some stamping were done on the card and given back to us after injecting us one by one.

Once the injection is done they told us to sit for 10 minutes idle outside and then proceed. The only question they asked orally is if i am allergic to Egg or not ?

The overall process took about 2 – 3 hours. The following document is published on Government of Karnataka website.