Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi – one of the 7 emirates of United Arabs and the biggest of all. So the king of Abu Dhabi is the chief of United Arab Emirates. I have learned many things about them during this trip and that was impressive. Their naming sense also quite different and it was very hard to read for anyone who look at it for first time. For example the name of their king ( President of UAE ) is “Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan”. Looks hard for any one to remember on first glance but it is really easy if you know how they name a person. In the above name “Khalifa” is the name of that person and the rest following are denoting his background. I mean ‘bin‘ means ‘son of‘ and ‘Al‘ means ‘belongs to the family‘. Now if you read the name it makes sense!!! Khalifa son of Zayed belongs to the family Nahyan. Very interesting ! From a person name you can identify his background.

The dates chocolates were really amazing. It was top of the taste. Filled my bag with very big packets of date chocolates as it was delicious.