Perth – Australia

Perth is one on the best city i have seen ever. Very neat, Happy people, Free Buses inside city zone, Free internet on many public places, Public Parks in every corner, Enjoyable climate, etc… makes perth one of the best in the world. The only issue i see here is the cost of living. Probably people who earn here can afford it all but will be tough for anyone coming for tourism. A 500ml water bottle costs 2.5 AUD !!! A normal Indian Restaurant dinner for one person easily costs 35 AUD !!!


Before my visit to Australia i had in mind that Australians were little racists. But what i witnessed was totally different. Everyone greets each other even strangers in morning sessions. Even bus drivers greets when we get in. And people thank driver before they get down! Really different thing that i noticed and it makes feel happy that people respect each other irrespective of anything. How a day can be bad when everyone walks on your way greets you with a smile 🙂

Transport & Fares

The full city public transport is being run by ‘TransPerth’, a government division. We can buy a card being called as ‘Smart Rider’ for $10 fee, by which we can travel on any Transperth transport ( Bus, Train and Ferrys ). Note $10 is not refundable and it can not be used for travel. You need to top up using any Transperth center or Smart Rider top up machines in stations. And the ticket fares are determined by the no.of ‘ZONES’ you are traveling along with time you spent. Transperth service location was being divided as ZONES based on its distance from Perth City Center and they names is Zone 1, Zone 2, etc… respectively… In this if our travel starts at Zone 1 and ends on Zone 1 itself we need to pay for a ticket called ‘1 Zone’. If the travel starts at Zone 1 and ends on Zone 3 then we need to pay ‘3 Zone’ ticket cost. like wise the no.of zones we pass will be the type of ticket we Pay. By using smartrider card this complex calculations were being calculated by the system itself. even in this ‘1 Zone’ , ‘2 Zone’, etc… tickets there were different classifications… If we use cash to pay during travel the ticket costs more than what we pay with Smartrider for the same.

Free Transit Zone

A specific circle of city does have FREE bus services to every corner. These buses were called ‘CAT’ buses (Central Area Transit). And it is free. We do not need to swipe our smart rider card to travel in this CAT buses. And also in ANY TRANSPERTH BUS we can ride for free when we get in and get down with in this ‘Free Transit Zone’.


The place i stayed in Australia. Its just WOW. Its just same as my imaginary world. It comes a little away from ‘Free Transit Zone’ so i usually walks 0.5 Kms to pick CAT bus to reach perth. However the lifestyle here is impressive.


A lovely port city of Australia. Here too there were 2 CAT services run by ‘Transperth’ which covers the city center area. The markets were too great for shopping. Tasted different types of food that i have seen first time in my life.


Another Australian city which was awesome in the way it was planned and maintained. The beach villas were awesome to see. Much spacious houses and plenty of shopping options making life easier here.