Reunion Tower – Dallas USA

Reunion Tower in Dallas is a perfect place to visit during long transit at Dallas-Fort worth Airport. I had 11 hours of transit and had enough time to visit the place from Airport. The tower offers Ariel view of the city and there was a informative person who guides the visitors with lot many information. I did not know American president John F Kennedy was assassinated in this city until the person told me to see a mark which was the exact place he lost his life.

Plenty of Black people lives here and i almost did not see a white man until i reach the Tower after exit Airport. It feels more comfortable than being in a crowd of white people as i look much similar to black people and it feels am one of them.

From Airport the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) operate train to this place. The train was called Orange Line. The train started from Terminal A of the Airport. There was Bus connections (Free) and Air Train (Free) connections between the terminals in the airport. There was no checking, no gates nothing. If any one want to just sit on train and travel they can and they will get caught in case if there was a ticket checker comes. No checking on stations. I really loved that because only if the people are honest these type of system works. Else no one will take a ticket for this type of free system.

There was a standing machine which accept cash/coins/card to buy ticket. I brought a day pass which costs me 6USD and i can travel in DART trains / bus free of cost. It was valid until next day 3AM as it was shown in the ticket. I also saw a type of pass which costs 3USD and it will be valid either AM or PM. If we purchase it on AM that day AM we can take unlimited rides. If we purchase it PM we can take unlimited rides on PM hours of that day.

There was a train standing with board ‘JBL / Central’ when i enter the station and i took it. It was nearly an hour ride to reach ‘West End Station’ where i have to get down. The city was stunning beautiful all the way. When i get down the Google Maps shown i had to walk a bit to reach the tower. So when i started walking towards it i saw a McDonalds in the corner of the station. So took my break fast there and started walking towards the Tower. Stunning visuals all the way. It was a bit rainy and foggy day. The tall towers were visible only half and remaining were hidden by fog. That was treat for eyes.

Once i reach Tower i  noticed they will open at 10:30AM only. It was there at 8:30AM itself. So had to sit there for 2 hours doing nothing. It was raining outside and too cold for me to walk around. So just stayed there inside as there was a restroom as it was a part of a complex with many shops and Hyatt hotels (don’t remember the hotel name if this is correct). Was approached by a Homeless man who told about his story for a while. Not sure if he is telling truth but anyway he wears a broken shoe in this cold weather. It was really hard as with fully covered i feel terrible whenever i take my hands out of gloves to take pictures and i can’t imagine how he can manage with a broken shoe.

Actually i had plenty of quarter cents coins which i feel bad to use though i keep whenever i travel the places accept USD. Coins were never accepted on any currency exchange and i feel bad to take out on a shop in front of many people as it looks like am too a homeless especially the quarter dollar or less value coins. so i asked him will he be ok with that. He was so happy that he said he ate nothing in last 2 days so anything is a blessing. I knew that guy tells lie as he probably did not notice me when i watch him smoking along with other homeless people while entering the tower complex. But still i hand over all few value coins as it is not useful for me anyway and it was too cold outside to choose a smoke than a food. I was sitting there for 2 hours and saw plenty and plenty of Indians passed through me. At least 100 people must have been crossed me and some people come to me and ask about way for some places in Hindi.

Some how time passed and i was the first person to enter Tower for the day. There were a family and few more people came after me. Before giving the ticket the counter lady told me there was a lot of fog and you will nearly see nothing. I told her am on a transit and i may never visit this city again so let me make use of this time i got. Then she charged me 18.40USD and gave me ticket. The cost for Tower Admission for Adult is 17USD and 1.40USD tax.

There was a check prior to enter the Tower and then i was allowed inside the elevator which takes me to observation deck of the tower. They had glass on elevator so it was good to see around till i get top. From top as they said there was mostly fog but certain areas are clearly visible as there was no fog. There was a lady who came along with me and told certain things by pointing the locations. She also gave a Virtual Glass on which they had a amazing effect filmed with drone around tower and showcase it. It was good. Then in few minutes another family came in and she had to guide them and then i came down to go my way back to airport.

I took same Orange line from west end station to reach back to airport. It is again one hour ride so it was a nice sight seeing as the places were stunning beautiful. After all it is a worthy trip as the city of was very beautiful and wish i had more time to explore it.