Burj Khalifa – Dubai

It is the day of my life. I considered it to be the best i did in my backpacking life till now. the tallest building in the world… ‘burj khalifa‘ on top of the grand ‘Dubai Mall‘. I was tempted about my visit to Burj Khalifa and booked ticket to observation deck in very advance. I booked to visit the same day am landing in Dubai. Lol… my flight delayed just 1 hr in Bangalore and then i missed my connecting flight at Muscat. Oman airways screwed my plans and made me to sit in muscat airport for about 8 hours 🙁 . The ticket was not refundable 🙁 .

Then i have had to book again and visit on the next day. But its worthy to pay even X times to see it. What a building !!! You can see the beauty of Dubai from the top. They let us only up to 124th floor whereas i have heard about 160 floors available. Tourists allowed up to 124th floor only it seems.